Carbonium® Colors
Domino format

The Carbonium® Color trio is a sample set that allows you to appreciate the many colouring possibilities offered by the unique carbon structure of Carbonium®.

With this Color line, the uniqueness of the grain of the Carbonium® material is highlighted by the contrast with the darker and deeper tones of the carbon fibre.

To allow you to appreciate the very special aesthetics of this range, we have composed a Carbonium® Color Trio set with a choice of primary colours:

  • Carbonium® Red is the perfect marriage of red and black, which interact with finesse and panache to reveal a luxurious and modern identity.
  • Carbonium® Blue is the ultimate combination of elegance and sophistication, a classic but still effective fusion of timeless tones.
  • Carbonium® Yellow provides a more contrasting dimension, radically energised by a luminous vein that contrasts with the darkness of the carbon fibre.

These Domino size samples (54x27mm²) and 9mm thick will allow you to better appreciate the aesthetic rendering of the Carbonium® Color range and to see how the material responds dynamically to light.

Delivery in France within 6 weeks, for other countries count an additional 2 weeks for transport.

Participation in the preparation and shipping costs for the supply of this sample box :
89,00 (Price excl. VAT)


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Dimensions 1 × 3 × 10 cm