Carbonium® Gold
Credit Card format

The unique beauty of carbon is brought out when combined with precious metals. This is the challenge that Lavoisier Composites has taken by intimately marrying carbon and gold to obtain Carbonium® Gold.

Unlike a superficial decor, the gold and carbon fusion process gives Carbonium® Gold a completely new organic dimension.

As with a precious walnut burl, each piece of Carbonium® Gold reveals a golden grain whose singularity and finesse are unique.

This credit card format sample (86x54mm²) is made from a thin ply of Carbonium® Gold. Given the surface of this sample, it will let you appreciate at best the material esthetics.

Delivery in metropolitan France under 6 weeks, for other countries count on a 2 weeks extra delay linked to transportation.

Participation to preparation and shipping cost of the sample :
144,00 (Price excl. VAT)


Additional information

Dimensions 86 × 54 × 0.8 cm