Carbonium® Trio
Domino format

This trio of dominos made in Carbonium® will let you appreciate the difference between each material of the product range:

  • Carbonium® Original gives the resulting pieces a deep, dark aesthetic that polarizes the incident light to reflect it selectively and dynamically.
  • Carbonium® Gold reveals a completely new organic dimension, the result of the merger of gold and carbon. In the manner of a briar of precious wood, the singularity and finesse of the gold veining obtained are unique.
  • Carbonium® Structure is intended for the most demanding applications requiring high level mechanical properties.

These three Domino format samples (54x27mm²) 9mm thick are all made of Carbonium®. The trio sample box will allow you to appreciate at best the esthetic of the material and will let you see them under a spot light.

Delivery in metropolitan France under 6 weeks, for other country count on a 2 weeks extra delay linked to transportation.

Participation in the preparation and shipping costs for the supply of this sample box :
89,00 (Price excl. VAT)


Additional information

Dimensions 1 × 3 × 10 cm